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A new approach to communication. 

We work with parents of individuals with autism and those with behavioral challenges in order to develop skills so that we may being to collaborate and cultivate a personalized path as we encourage parents and their child toward improved communication, resilience and flexibility.  We learn about relationships, not through rote scripts or instructions, but rather by engaging in them.

Resilience. Success skills. Communication. Building neuronal pathways. The focus of AskMelissaNow is to Shift our Communication Style to one that is ultimately more productive and rewarding. 

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“AskMelissaNow saved my daughter,

my family, 

my life."


Susan T.

Laguna Hills, CA

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Amy Amygdala, Melissa Reiner's amazing new children's book, on sale now!

Imagine Dr. Seuss meets a neuroscientist, and what is born out of that union is this book, Amy Amygdala. Amy moves in and helps us discover that it's a curious thing why we sometimes become impulsively reactive or explosive in stressful, fearful or alarming circumstances with others. It's as if something is triggered in our brain that causes us to act more emotionally, without thinking and in ways we may soon regret. In those circumstances, if our brains were hooked up to sensors, we would see our Amygdalae, the small almond shaped portion of our brain triggered. Sometimes, before the thinking part of our brain can catch up, we impulsively act out. This book takes us on that journey to understand this process and discover more effective and productive ways to navigate through some of life's challenges.

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